“The future of exploration is developing an awareness of the three-dimensionality of garments and creating new worlds from pre-existing realities.”


Stefania Porcheddu
& Potito Forte


Animism is inspired by the philosophy of the same name, defined as the attribution of a living soul to plants, objects and natural phenomena. And for this project, that means exploring how clothes can evolve with us as they follow us through life, how they can change and evolve with us. What is their emotional value? During our lives, through the moments that we spend wearing them, they become unforgettable. What if our clothes had a soul and were everchanging and dynamic, would they become immortal?

The project was built a round the so called animism philosophy, defined as the attribution of a living soul to plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena. lt is an ancient belief system prominent in many lndigenous cultures. I explored this idea converting it into fashion and how cloths can evolve with us as we carry them on in our life. The inspiration was the movement and the changes in shapes that the pieces of clothing must have in order to evolve and follow our life flow. Industrial design of the 60's in ltaly was perfect by meaning and aesthetic, also for its functionality and colorfulness. lts plastic nature made me think of plastic bottles, the first product of waste. The pattern in which plastic bottles are made resemble sea waves and I connected it to the flow of life, it's ciclic motion and as a way to bring the design “alive”.

“The future of exploration is a way of considering garments on a sentimental level and how these things support us in our lives.”