Celebrating our very own leading ladies

Today is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and we couldn't be prouder of the boundaries our female athletes push, the limits they break and the impressive goals they achieve.

In just the last year we've seen our team break world records, reach untouched peaks and inspire a generation of women along the way. Caroline Ciavaldini made the first female ascent of the Voie Petit, an 8b granite rock climb on the Grand Capucin in the French Alps. Margo Hayes became the first female to climb 9a+, ascending La Rambla in Spain. And Fernanda Maciel became the first female to run up and down Aconcagua in less than 24 hours.

Over the years, we 've been fortunate to support and encourage our team to find, train for and then achieve their biggest dreams. We believe all of us can do whatever we put our hearts and minds to, regardless of gender; all we need is hard work, grit and determination.

Here are some of our team’s highlights.


Tamara Lunger - alpinist

Tamara became the youngest woman to climb Lhotse, 8,516m, at just 23 years, 11 months, and 17 days.


Caroline Ciavaldini - rock climber

After success on the Lead World Cup circuit, Caro burst onto the alpine trad climbing scene making the first female ascent of the Voie Petit, 8b, on the Grand Capucin.


Lizzy Hawker - ultra runner

Lizzy has won pretty much every trail race going but excels on really tough, gruelling, long distances and became the first person to enchain the Great Himalayan Trail, over 1000 miles across Nepal.


Rory Bosio - ultra runner

Another world class runner, Rory has won the UTMB twice - becoming the first female to break the top 10, the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, and the New York Endurance Challenge.


Ashima Shiraishi - rock climber

Ashima is a climbing phenom, at just 10 years old she became the youngest person to climb V13, at 13 years old V14, and in 2016 she climbed V15 (8c) in Mount Hiei, Japan.


Fernanda Maciel - ultra runner

Fernanda has dominated everything from official trail races to personal endurance challenges and in February 2016 she became the first female to climb and descend Aconcagua, 6,961m, in less than 24 hours.


Margo Hayes - rock climber

Margo is another young rock climbing phenomenon, this year becoming the first female to climb 9a+ with the Spanish test piece, La Rambla.


Estelle Balet - Snowboarder

Though sadly no longer with us, we have to mention one of the brightest lights in freeride snowboard, Estelle. Taken too soon, she showed the world what it was to live your passion and love the mountains. #RideForEstelle