How Can You Best Support Your Athlete?


Following our recent article by Gemma Bragg on how to mentally prepare for The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail, we also asked her about what tips she has to best support runners like her husband and The North Face Trail Team member, Jez Bragg.



Before the race:

1) Research the course - understand what is going to be happening and where on the day.

2) Talk through the race - what is your athlete expecting and wanting at each stage?

3) Prepare yourself for the long day and night - this is a huge event for you too!

During the race:

1) Remember the plan - you made your plan with a calm and cool head, don’t let race day nerves from either of you through you off course.

2) Gauge what your athlete will want - will a high five pep them up? Maybe a hug is needed?

3) Stay calm - no matter what is going on, you need to have a cool, calm head at all times.

After the race:

1) Celebrate - you have all just achieved something utterly incredible, as a team.

2) Be understanding - they will be both mentally and physically exhausted so they might not be jumping around with joy but take time to listen to them.

3) Focus on the positives - races don’t always go to plan and even a successful race can have its problems, stay positive!




What tips do you have for people supporting their friends or other halves?

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