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Top 4 career highlights

  • 1st place at South African Long Distance Trail Championships (2015)
  • Four-time winner of the Ultra Trail Cape Town 65km
  • Competed in the Long-Distance Mountain Running Championships in Switzerland for SA, (2015)
  • 1st place Ultra Trail Drekensberg 2022


Meg Mackenzie is a decorated trail runner hailing from Cape Town South Africa. She displays a deep rooted passion for trail running and is incredibly fond of the way it forces the individual to challenge themselves, leave their comfort zone and unlock their true potential.

This attitude and mindset clearly translate into Meg’s own successes, as there have been plenty of them. Meg has achieved some incredible accomplishments including first place at the South African Long Distance Trail Championships. She is also the four-time winner of the Ultra Trail Cape Town 65km. She has also had the honour of representing her country, when she competed in the Long-Distance Mountain Running Championships in Switzerland.

Alongside her quest for podium places, Meg also dedicates her time to coaching others to better themselves in the art of trail running. She is a certified Master 3 Life Coach and believes that at the heart of trail running is quite simply an understanding of your mind, which when unlocked enables us to reach our full potential. She provides the knowledge, guidance, support and skills for people to better themselves through the discipline of trail running.

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