Eine Geschichte wird weitergeschrieben

Damals revolutionär. Heute legendär. Unsere Mountain Jacke war in dem Moment ein Phänomen, als sie herauskam. Sie brach Kletterrekorde. Sie verdreht immer noch Köpfe. Jetzt neu konzipiert für die Zukunft des Entdeckergeistes. Diese Jacke ist eine Ikone, die nie alt wird.

The North Face X Gucci

Exploration is expression. It's finding new pathways. It's the journey inside out. For this new chapter with Gucci, we've gone back to the archives to amplify heritage and discover new definitions of iconic. Featuring bold colors, geometric patterns, and unforgettable prints, these are legendary
The North Face Icons turned all the way up.

The ready-to-wear collection features familiar Heritage styles like the goose-feather down Sierra Parka; Down Vest; Windjammer; as well as a collection of equipment and accessories. The outerwear silhouettes are archival 1970s designs from The North Face with modern updates, building on the ethos of the collaboration’s first two chapters.

The North Face x Gucci will go on sale beginning September 12 on Gucci.com. Additionally, The North Face x Gucci will be distributed through newly designed
The North Face retail stores in Beijing Sanlitun and Hangzhou MixC.