Black Series: A legacy earned in the mountains manifests in the city

A legacy earned in the mountains now manifests in the city. By fusing mountain-ready detailing and technical, high-quality fabrics with contemporary cut lines and modern styling, Black Series is an expression of exploration. And, as such, it’s our pinnacle urban exploration line.

This season we’re releasing three Black Series collections. Each has its own aesthetic, but all are united in their authentic utility, premium materials and minimalism.


The first drop, Kazuki, has been created by world-renowned Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi. This unisex collection of clean lines and oversized styles plays with contrasting fabric textures to create tactile silhouettes. 



Following on from Kazuki is Rage. Rage has gone through several iterations over its lifetime. It was born out of rebellion and a will to go against the grain, rooted deeply in snowboarding sub-culture. It took three years of R&D to bring the original collection to life in the early ‘90s. But the results were iconic. The collection was noteworthy both for its bold colours and its snow-specific detailing. More recently, we’ve reworked classic Rage items with new but equally striking prints and colours. The new Black Series Rage maintains those tried and tested tech details but swaps a stand-out for a blend-in colour palette. As a result, notoriously Rebellious Rage becomes altogether more wearable in the city. 

And seeing as all good things come in threes, we have one more collection to announce: Tech Denim. As you’ll have guessed from the name, it’s heavy on the denim. But this isn’t regular, run-of-the-mill denim. Thanks to mountain-borrowed material technologies like Pertex® Quantum, DWR, GORE-TEX™ and Cordura®, Tech Denim styles are water-resistant, breathable and durable. It’s a super wearable and versatile collection and is a nod to new workwear styles.