Evelina Nilsson


Energised by the freedom, creativity and spellbinding scenery of big mountain skiing, Evelina is a free-spirited skier with big dreams for the future. Having already impressed with eye-catching displays in the Freeride World Tour and the thrilling Shades of Winter movie, she is eager to travel the world in pursuit of game-changing ski adventures, new friendships and the creative and spiritual fulfilment she craves.

Growing up in Luleå in the north of Sweden, and later moving to the ski resort of Åre, she has been hooked on outdoor adventures since her early childhood when her excitable imagination turned ski trips in the local mountains into make-believe expeditions to Alaska complete with polar bears and violent storms. Having learnt to ski with her mother, father, two brothers and sister, harnessing her vision to transform even smaller mountains into epic playgrounds of endless opportunities, she was soon enjoying challenging trips to the northern wilds of Riksgränsen. This blend of creativity, companionship and connections with loved ones and nature still drives her skiing ambitions today.

Although originally involved in alpine racing and moguls, she was naturally drawn towards the liberty of freeride skiing. She felt constrained by the need to turn at gates instead of turning when she wanted to, preferring to draw her own lines and paint fresh strokes on the blank canvas of the mountain in keeping with the sense of freedom and adventure first nurtured in her younger years.

After triumphing in the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, where she learnt how to master her nerves and find her flow in a high-pressure environment, she knew she had found an environment that felt true to her heart and she began to compete in the Freeride World Tour, winning her first qualifier in Nendaz in 2015.

Evelina loves criss-crossing the world for competitions and expeditions. She relishes the beauty of Alaska, which reminded her of her homeland, the warmth of the locals in Japan, and the ever-changing opportunities around Whistler and Mount Baker. In the future she is eager to ski in New Zealand, South America and the Middle East, explore more of America and Canada, and discover fresh opportunities closer to home in Sweden and Norway. Driven by an endless curiosity, if a country pulls at her heart she is determined to get there.

In the years ahead she hopes to focus on videos, films and original expeditions, stepping outside of the competitive scene to embrace broader projects that mirror her own wide spectrum of life interests. As a child she had two bold ambitions: to become the best skier in the world and to cure all illness. She thought the latter ambition would require a magical pill but she now believes this pill is love - and skiing has helped her to share this positive philosophy everywhere she goes. Passionate about yoga, meditation, spiritualism and nature (she also enjoys climbing trees, hiking outdoors, rock climbing and surfing), Evelina above all cherishes the way skiing allows her to nourish her own happiness and spark lifelong connections with people and places around the world.